Edible Gardening Planters

Edible Gardening Planters
Product Description

veggyBARREL garden planters are unique garden pots that create a vertical garden with abundant supply. Now, grow tons of veggies on your roof with very little space requirement. In just 2 ft diameter, this veggyBARREL garden pot from riteways can grow 200+ plants.

veggyBARREL comes filled with unique growRITE terrace soil prepared from bio organic manure & compost. This organic fertilizer based medium delivers, tasty & highly nutritious vegetables that can be plucked and cooked directly, without having to refrigerate.


  • veggyBARREL is a unique vertical edible garden that mimics natural forest ecosystem, incorporates vermicomposting and permaculture.
  • Regular pot grows 1 plant per pot, veggyBARREL grows 200 with slighty bigger diameter.
  • veggyBARREL retains moisture and insulates plant roots enabling growing food in hot & cold climates.
  • veggyBARREL uses growRITE organic manure that produces in abundance.
  • Height enables gardeners to stand up or sit.



  • Healthy food full of nutrients.
  • Just four numbers veggyBARREL should be able to feed a typical family of six (Husband, wife, two kids and grand parents).
  • Uses very little water enables growing food on concrete surfaces like rooftops, sidewalks...
  • No need to refrigerate, harvest only the amount that needs to be cooked, eat fresh & delicious.
  • veggyBARREL is perfect for seniors and those with physical handicap.


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